Covid-19 Update

Dear Boerne Tennis and Pickleball Family,

We learned today of the first positive case of Covid-19 for someone who has used our facilities here at the Boerne Tennis Center. I wanted to make you aware of this and allow this event to provide you with context, specifically of the incident, how we are prepared to respond to this incident, and future ones that might occur. We have been planning for this reality and are able to now put our response plans into action. Based on our current health environment, positive cases are inevitable and likely to happen. We are prepared to respond, while doing our part to keep our facility safe and healthy.

We were notified of the first positive test this afternoon (July 14th) and have confirmed the case with the Boerne Emergency Management Department, as is our protocol. Following the notification, we notified the City of Boerne Department of Parks and Rec, and have since been working together to notify our clients. Upon convening a meeting with city stakeholders and after reviewing all the facts (time since last positive test was taken), we will remain open for business. As a matter of transparency, the following are a few facts regarding the individual and the case itself.

The former staff employee (name withheld due to employee federal privacy laws) was at our facility in recent days and since being notified this afternoon, we have been deep cleaning the areas he visited during that time.The staff member was tested back on the 26th of June and apparently just now received the results. According to our notification, this staffer is believed to have been exposed sometime before June 26th.

Said employee is now currently being isolated at his home and is working with the local health department to help trace anyone with whom he may have had close contact. If you are one of those individuals, our staff will directly contact you as per our protocol and agreement with the City of Boerne’s Parks and Recreations Department as well as the Boerne Emergency Management Department. Since its been more than 20 days since known exposure and last test date, we will recommend all to take basic precautionary measures that include continued social distancing, wearing of masks as well as a symptom check if any are present. Per CDC and local health guidelines, the focus will be on anyone who had close contact with this individual i.e, within six feet. If you have not had close contact with this person but simply have been at the facility recently, please remember that our cautionary measures on the courts and inside the proshop were in place ever since we reopened our facility, therefore; ALL areas were treated per CDC and USTA guidelines.

We are fortunate to have all of our clients who have worked patiently with us as we navigate these tough times. We were able to get this information to those who needed it quickly, and we transitioned into our response plan mode. Tennis is a natural social distancing sport that has been identified as a low risk COVID-19 sport. In addition to having our staff tested if any symptoms show, the fact that we are mostly operate in the outdoor Texas heat and do practice social distancing (as well as wearing masks), gives us confidence in our ability to deliver safe and healthy programs.

Now, how does this affect you?

As a client taking lessons or bringing your child for camps, please be assured, once again, that we have systems in place to identify and respond to these situations. Since reopening, we have had our entire staff members tested for Covid-19 with the most recent test date being on the 26th of June,2020. The results were all NEGATIVE for all currently employed staff. Even though this individual was apparently tested back on the same day, its been more than 20 days with no reported symptoms from clients/staff. We will have our staff reinforce all of our Covid-19 protocols such as wearing of masks whenever on the same side of the court with the students, and inside the pro-shop. We will collectively continue to self monitor symptoms and will begin to check temperatures upon checking in at the pro-shop and in lessons. To that effect, we implore all of our clients going forward, to practice the same measures and always check in at the pro-shop before getting onto the courts.

We will continue to work to keep everyone as safe as possible during this time. We look forward to seeing everyone out on the courts as we wrap up our summer. I am thankful for the contributions that each of you make to the Boerne Tennis Center, and as well as our community.


Kudakwashe Sengai
Director of Tennis
Boerne Tennis